2012四川成都中考英语试题 投稿:林貯貰

A 卷(共 100 分) A 卷 I(选择题,共 85 分)第一部分 听力部分 (共 25 小题,计 25 分) 一、听句子,根据所听到的内容选择正确答案。每小题念两遍。 (共 6 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 6 分) 1.A.That’s OK. …

《会展市场营销》期末考试——校园展会招展营销方案制定 目 录一丶展会简介 ..................... 错误!未定义书签。1.1展会名称 ................................................…

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A 卷(共 100 分) A 卷 I(选择题,共 85 分)

第一部分 听力部分 (共 25 小题,计 25 分) 一、听句子,根据所听到的内容选择正确答案。每小题念两遍。 (共 6 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 6 分) 1.A.That’s OK. B.I’m fine,thanks C.How’s it going? Frank? 2.A.I’m fifteen years old. B.Happy New Year! C.I was born on June 5,1997. 3.A.Thank you! B.You are right. C.No, I don’t care. 4.A.That’s wonderful. B.Sorry,I won’t, C.You are welcome. 5.A.It’s my pleasure. B. Have a good trip. C.It doesn’t matter 6.A.Sure,I’d love to. B.Oh.I can’t say it. C.Sure, I dislike it. 二、 听句子。 选择与所听句子内容相符的圈片, 并将代表图片的字母填在答题卡的相应位置。 每小题念两遍。(共 4 小题,每小题 l 分;计 4 分)

7. 8. 9. l0. 三、听对话,根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案。每小题念两遍。(共 l0 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 10 分) 11. A. America. B. Canada. C. Australia. 12. A. At his home, B. At the school. C. In a hospital. 13. A. He doesn't mind them. B. He can't stand them. C. He is interested in them. 14. A. Anna. B. Anna's father. C. Anna's mother. 15. A. Rainy. B. Windy. C. Hot. 16. A. The lions. B. The pandas. C. The tigers. 17. A, The town. B. The City Newspaper. C. The best clothing store in town. 18. A. Across from Lucy's house. B. Across from the library. C. Across from the bank. 19. A. A green sweater. B. A red sweater. C. A white sweater. 20. A, A film star. B. A policeman. C. A musician, 四、听短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。短文念三遍。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分;计 5 分) 21. Who went to Paris for a holiday last week? A. Mr. Smith and his wife, B. Mr. Smith himself C. One of their friends. 22. Why couldn't Kitty go to Paris? A. Beca use she liked crying. B. Because she did n' t like Paris. C. Because she couldn' t stay at a hotel. 23. Where did Kitty stay when Mr. and Mrs. Smith were away? A. In a small village. B. At a hotel. C. At home. 24. How did Mr. Smith get Kitty home?

A. By taxi. B. By car. C. By train. 25. Why was the cat crying on the way back home? A. Because she didn' t know Mr. Smith. B. Because she didn't want to visit Paris. C. Because she made a big mistake. 第二部分基础知识运用(共 40 小题,计 40 分) 五、选择填空。(共 25 小题,每小题 l 分;计 25 分) A.从下面方框中选出与下列各句中画线部分意思相同或相近,并能替换画线部分的选项。 (共 4 小题,每小题 l 分;计 4 分) A. at home B. around C. is good at D. look alter 26. My mother usually goes to work at about 7:30 in the morning, 27. John is a clever boy. He does well in all the subjects, 28. Dave' s father was ill two days ago, so he had to take care of him at home. 29. Last night, Tom was not in. He went to a movie with his friends. B.从各题

的 A、B、C 三个选疆中选择正确答案。(共 l7 小题,每小题 l 分;计 17 分) 30. --Maria, here is my new house. --Wow, you have __ beautiful house ! A. a B. the C. 不填 31. Tom usually goes fishing __ Sunday morning. A. at B. on C. for 32. --Peter, is this your pen? --Yes, it' s __. Many thanks. I looked for it everywhere. A. mine B. me C. I 33. --Where did you go yesterday, Rick? -- I went to see a because I had a cold. A. teacher B. doctor C. reporter 34. Lady Gags is very popular, and she by many boys and girls at school. A. loves B. is loving C. is loved 35. --Excuse me, whose Japanese book is this? --It be Tom ' s. In our class, only he is studying Japanese. A. must B. can't C. would 36. It' s interesting that there are many people speak French in Canada. A. which B. where C. who 37. Parents often ask their kids __ their internet friends because the kids may be in danger. A. to meet B. not to meet C. meeting 38. Look! Peter TV happily, but his parents are busy in the kitche n. A. is watching B. watches C. watched 39. --Hey, Tony, You look so tired today. ---I __ until 12 o' clock last night for the math test. A. woke up B. stayed up C. grew up 40. My cousin knows a lot about geography, __ he is only four years old. A. because B. so C. although 41. Some scientists think that it will take __ of years to make robots do most work for humans. A. hundreds B. hundred C. thousand

42. Please keep quiet, everybody! I have important to tell you. A. nothing B. something C. everything 43. This T-shit is not large enough. Please show me a one, A. large B. larger C. largest 44. --I can' t find Mike. Could you tell me ? --He is in the library. A. what he is B. how he is C. where he is 45. --Jack, let's go to see the movie Harry Potter. -- Oh, I it many times. So I don' t want to see it. A. have seen B. see C. will see 46. --I want to know when Mr. Brown will arrive. --When he , I will tell you. A. will arrive B. arrived C. arrives C.补全对话。根据对话内容,从右边方框中选出适当的选项补全对话。(共 4 小题,每小题 l 分;计 4 分) (S--Sam ; L--Lily) A. That's a good idea. B. Thanks a lot. S: What's the matter with you, Lily? C. I have a sore throat. L: Well, 47 D. It' s not good for your throat. S: Bad luck. You should drink some tea with honey. L: 48 S: And don't eat French fries these days. L: I guess I won' t. S: You shouldn't speak too much. 49 L: I guess I won' t. S: You shouldn't speak mo much. 49 L: You are very kind. You have given me so many good suggestions. S: I hope you will fell better soon. L: 50 六、完形填空。分别通读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容,从 A、B、C 三个选项中选出可以 填入空白处的正确答案。(共 15 小题,每小题 l 分;计 15 分) A Thanks for joining our TV show Tour in Australia. Now, we are in the beautiful city-Sydney. The sky is blue and it is 51 today. There are many people here on vacation. Some are taking photos. Othe

r's are 52 in the sea. Now we can see a group of people 53 beach volleyball. They look cool. I' m surprised that 54 can play in this heat. This is a very interesting 55 . Here, people are completely( 完全地) relaxed. 51. A. rainy B. sunny C. cloudy 52. A. sleeping B. flying C. swimming 53. A. playing B. played C. to play 54. A. they B. you C. nobody 55. A. sun B. sky C. place B

When many people from other countries come to America for the first time, they meet ma ny difficulties. They can't speak much English, and they don't know much 56 America. Sometimes, they make mistakes. Sally 57 to America from Korea years ago. Because her English wasn' t good, she was afraid to ask the ways. So she usually 58 find the places in America. Then she hoped she could see something that she knew, 59 she couldn' t. Then she began to cry and miss her own country because she 60 had this kind of problems in Korea. She could find the places easily in 61 . Little Henry came to America from Thailand with his parents. He didn' t know 62 to pat the money into an American bank at first. When he grew 63 and knew more English, he finally put the money into an American bank successfully (成功地). There 64 many other things about America, and the people from other 65 can' t understand those things when they come to America for the first time. They need to learn more. 56. A. at B. about C. for 57. A. wrote B. talked C. came 58. A. can B. could C. couldn't 59. A. but B. or C. so 60. A. usually B. never C. always 61. A. America B. Korea C. Thailand 62. A. how B. what C. where 63. A. thinner B. older C. heavier 64. A. is B. was C. are 65. A. countries B. families C. banks 第三部分 阅读理解(共 l0 小题,计 20 分) 七、阅读下面短文,根据短文内容判断句子的正误。正确的涂“A”,错误的涂“B” 。(共 4 小题,每小题 2 分;计 8 分) Soccer is one of the most popular sports in our modern world. But many years ago, each country had its own kind of soccer game with its own hales. In 1863, a group 0f people met in England. They made some changes (改变) to the game. They made one set of new rules for every country to follow. After that, soccer teams from dif ferent countries could play against each other. Some of the rules are still the same today. Now teams from all over the world take part in the World Cup every four years. It' s one of the most important things for all soccer fans. 66. Soccer is the only popular sport in our modem world. 67. After 1863, soccer teams from different coup, tries could play against each other. 68. Today, the World Cup is one of the most important things for all soccer fans in the world. 69. The topic of this articl e is about the World Cup. 八、阅读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。(共 6 小题,每小题 2 分;计 l2 分) A The Post Office is Closed on November 25. Thursday, November 25, is a holiday. The post office will open again on Friday, November 26.


ours Monday ~Friday: Saturday: Sunday and Holidays: 8:00 a.m. ~5:00 p.m. 9:00 a. m. -1:00 p.m. CLOSED

70. On Saturday, the post office is only open for hours. A. three B. four C, five 71. Why is the post office closed on November 25? A. Because it's a holiday. B. Because it's a weekend. C. Because it' s Sunday. 72. If Mr. Black wants to send a letter at 9: 30 a.m., he can go to the post office on . A. Sunday, November 28 B. Saturday, November 27 C. Friday, November 26 B Dear grandpa, May 27, 2012 I'd like to tell you something about my life in China. During weekdays, I study in a middle school in Shangh ai. We have Chinese lessons in the morning and I do my homework in the evening. On weekends, I stay with a Chinese family, do Chinese kung fu and visit interesting places. Today my Chinese father is busy working on the computer, and my Chinese mother is doing some shopping in the city center. I' m sitting in the park now. It’s a lovely day here. I hope you and ray grandma are having a good day in Toronto, too. Love, Betty 73. Betty wrote about her life in China to __. A. her Chinese parents B. her grandfather C. h er own parents 74. In Shanghai, Betty did her homework . A. in the morning B. in the evening C. on weekends 75. While Betty was in the park, her Chinese mother was . A. doing some shopping B. sitting in the park C, working on the computer A 卷Ⅱ(非选择题,共 l5 分) 注意事项:A 卷 Il 和 B 卷用 0.5 毫米黑色的签字笔直接在答题卡上作答。 九、从方框中选择恰当的短语,用其正确形式填空,完成句子。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 5 分) turn down be friendly to in fact come from day off 76. Koalas are lazy animals and they Australia. 77. Would you mind the music a little? Morn is sleeping now. 78. I like different kinds of meat. ,I have beef, mutton, chicken and fish every week. 79. On our next , we will volunteer our time to visit the old people' s home . 80. Tony everyone and many people like making friends with him. 十、看图填空,一空一词(含缩写词)。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分;计 5 分)

81. What time is it now? It' s o' clock in the . 82. How' s the weather? a day. 83. Where are these people? They are at a 84. Is the place in this picture a busy and crowded one? No, it __, because only persons are there. 85. What do you think they are doing? I think they are a bus. 十一、根据句意和所给首字母填写单词。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分;计 5 分) 86. Jane can play the piano, but she can't play it well. She n to practice more. 87. I really like sports. I want to join a sports c 88. Bob was very s two year's ago. Now he is tall, and he's the tallest in his class. 89. Yesterday evening, Mary t a walk with her mother after dinner. 90. My sister studies h , and she usually gets good grades in exams. B 卷(共 50 分) 一、完成对话。在对话空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词(含缩写词)。 (

共 l0 小题,每小题 l 分;计 l0 分) ( D--David ; N--Nick) D : My father is a soldie r, so he wasn' t at home much when I was young. I 1 saw him at home. N: Did you miss him? 13: I don't think I 2 . When he was at home, he always made me do things like cleaning my shoes or 3 breakfast. My mother usually did al1 of the housework 4 when he wash' t at home. N: Now you both seem so close!

D: Well, one thing 5 me how much he loved me and helped me understand him better. N : What 6 ? D : One day in December last year, I was looking for my Christmas presents. I wanted to see th em before Christmas Day. I went quietly into my 7 bedroom and looked under the bed. I didn’t find any presents, but 8 , I found a photo album. N : So? D : To my surprise, t he photos inside were all of 9 . And they were all carefully kept. On the back of one photo there were some words written by my father, 。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 5 分) The earth is about 4,600 million years old. We humans have lived on the earth for only 35,000 years, but during this period we have changed our planet a lot in many ways. 1 All over the world, people have cut down millions of trees, so more and more kind s of animals and plants are disappearing. In big cities, cars and buses have polluted the air. Factories have also polluted the land and the water. 2 It is important to the earth. But now air pollution is destroying it and that has made a very big hole in the ozone layer (臭氧层). 3 This is very dangerous because it can

cause cancer. Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air has increased a lot. 4 it has formed a S 小题,每小题 2 分;计 10 分) 1.直到最近阅读了一篇医学研究报告,小王才知道他应当远离像汉堡包那样的垃圾食品。 (until; stay away from) 2.汤姆上学期对如何提高英语写作质量给我提出了一条具体建议,但没起作用。(help) 3.玛丽的父亲过去总是很忙,对她怎样学习和生活的关心太少。(used to ;so…that)

4,李芳喜欢和班上所有的同学在一起,而从不呆在仅有几个好友的小圈子里。(company) 5.二班学生的姓名和爱好都列在这张表格中,从中你可看出音乐迷占到该班的四分之三。 (1ist;make up) 五、书面表达。(计 l0 分) 英语课上,我们时常进行小组活动。但如何能让这种活动帮助我们把英语学得更好?现 在,请根据以下要点,以“How Can Group Activities Help Us Study English Better?”为题,写 一篇英语短文,谈谈自己的看法。 1) 活动的任务及完成方式要明确; 2)小组内要有不同的角色分工、要合作; 3)教师的必要帮助; 4)活动结果要在班上分享。 注意:1)短文题目已经给出,不计入总调数(80~100 词); 2)短文必须包括提示,要点和恰当的结尾 3)文中不碍出现师生的真实姓名帮所在学校的名称。 参考词汇: cooperate vi. 合作 role n. 角色 share vt. 分享 How Can Group Activities Help Us Study English Better?

答案: 1-5 BCACB 6-10 ACADB 11-15 ABBAC 16-20 BCBAB 21-25 ACABA 26-30 BCDAA 31-35 BABCA 36-40 CBABC 41-45 ABBCA 46-50 CCADB 51-55 BCAAC 56-60 BCCAB 61-65 BABCA 76. come from 77.turning down 78. In fact 79.day off 80. is friendly to 81. ten/ 10, morning 82.It’s, fine/ sunny 83. bus, stop 84. isn’t, three/ 3 85. waiting, for 86.needs 87. club 88. short 89. took 90. hard B卷 一、 hardly 2. did 1. 3. making/ cooking 4. alone/ herself 5. showed 6. happened 7. parents’ 8.instead 9. me 10. leave 二、1. suddenly 2. funny 3. common 4. same 5. themselves 6.before 7. affect 8. researchers 9. to compare 10. findings 三、A. 1-5 CDBEA B. 6.Advantages 7. helpful to each other 8. each other (be) rich 9. Choosing friends/ Two types of friendship 10. the first type of friendship 四、 1.Xiao Wang didn’t know (that) he should stay away from the junk food like hamburgers until he read a medical research report recently. 2. Last term/ semester, Tom gave me a special suggestion( a piece of specific advice) on/ about how to improve the quality of English writing, but it didn’t help. 3. Mary’s father used to be so busy that he cared little about how she studied and lived. 4. Li Fang enjoys/likes the com pany of all her classmates and never stays in a small circle of only a few good friends. 5. The names and hobbies of students in Class Two are listed in the form, from which/ and from it you can see/ find that the music fans makeup three quarters of the class. 五、


A 卷(共 100 分) A 卷 I(选择题,共 85 分)第一部分 听力部分 (共 25 小题,计 25 分) 一、听句子,根据所听到的内容选择正确答案。每小题念两遍。 (共 6 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 6 分) 1.A.That’s OK. …

A 卷(共 100 分) A 卷 I(选择题,共 85 分)第一部分 听力部分 (共 25 小题,计 25 分) 一、听句子,根据所听到的内容选择正确答案。每小题念两遍。 (共 6 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 6 分) 1.A.That’s OK. …

A 卷(共 100 分) A 卷 I(选择题,共 85 分)第一部分 听力部分 (共 25 小题,计 25 分) 一、听句子,根据所听到的内容选择正确答案。每小题念两遍。 (共 6 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 6 分) 1.A.That’s OK. …