八年级上册英语3a课文 投稿:姜蹦蹧

八年级上册英语3A课文Unit 1 P3What Do Students Do at Green High School?Here are the results of the student activity survey at GreenHigh…


第十二课请客吃饭授课人:陈雄昆第一课时(40’)一、教学内容:第十二课请客吃饭 (第四自然段) 二、教具:PPT 课件 三、教学目标:1、掌握生词,能熟练运用;2、复习上节课时是语法点;3、学习文章内容,了解饮食文化。 四、教学重点、难点:1.生词的…


Unit 1 P3

What Do Students Do at Green High School?

Here are the results of the student activity survey at GreenHigh School.Most students exercise three or four times a week . Some students exercise once or twice a week. Some students are very active and exercise every day. As for homework, most students do homework every day. Some students do homework three or four times a week. No students do homework once or twice a week. The results for

….but I am pretty healthy.I exercise every day,usually when I come home from school.My eating habits are pretty good.I try to eat a lot of vegetables.I eat fruit and drink milk every day.I never drink coffee.Of course,I love junk food too,and I eat it two or three times a week.Oh,and I sleep nine hours every night.So you see,I look after my health.And my heathy lifestyle helps me get good grades.Good food and exercise help me to study better.

A:What’s the matter?

B:I’m not feeling well. I have a cold A:When did it start? B:About two days ago.

A:Oh,that’s too bad. You should get some rest B:Yes ,Ithink so

A:I hope you feel better soon.


A Healthy Lifestyle,the

Traditional Chinese doctors believe we need a balance of yin and yang to be healthy.For

example,are you often weak and tired? Maybe you have too much yin.You should eat hot yang foods,like beef.Eating Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is also good for this.But people whoare too stressed out anf angry may have too much yang.Chinese doctors belive that they should eat more yin foods,like tofu.Chinese medicine is now popular in many western countries.It is easy to have a healthy lifestyle,and it is important to eat a balanced diet.

Unit 3


Ben Lambert's Vacation Plans!

Ben Lambert,the famous French singer,is taking a long vacation this summer!He thought about going to Greece or Spain,but decided on Canada.

Ben is going to Canada's Great Lakes. He is leaving the first week in June and staying until

September.He plans to have a very relaxing vacation.

Lin Fei’s home is about 10 kilometers from school. He gets up at six o’clock every day, showers, and has a quick breakfast. Then he leaves for school at around six-thirty. First, he rides his bicycle to the bus station. That takes about ten minutes. Then the early bus takes him to school. The bus ride usually takes about 25 minutes. P23

How do students around the world get to school?

In North America, most students go to school on the school bus.Some students also walk or ride bikes to school.In other parts of the world,things are different.In Japan,most students take trains to school, althongh others alsowalk or ride their bikes.In China,it depends on where you are.In big cities.students usually rides to school ortake buses. And in places where there are rivers and lakes.Like Hongshanhu and Kanshandao,students usually go to school by boat.That must be a lot more fun than taking a bus! Unit 5 P27

It 's a Birthday Party!

For whom:LISA

Tim:Friday, June 30, at four thirty Place:Lisa’shouse,15th Street

Come and have fun?


Hi Henry,

Thank you for your invitation. I’m sorry I can’t visit you this week. I am really busy. This evening I’m going to my cousin’s birthday party. And tomorrow, I have to go to the dentist. (Yuck!) On Wednesday, I have tennis training with the school team. And I have to study for my chemistry test on Thursday. On Friday evening, I’m going to the movies with some friends. Can you come to the movies with us on Friday Write soon. Sonia Unit 7 P33

Dear Isabel,

Thank you for your last letter.here are photos of me

and my sister LiuYing.sa you can see,in some ways we look the same,and in some ways we look different.we both

have black eyes and black hair,although my hair is shorter than hers.we both like sports,although LiuYing is more athletic than me.she's more outgoing,and I'm quieter.Ithink I'm smarter than her.my favorite subject are physics and chemistry,and her favorite subject is P.E.however,we both enjoy going to parties. Please visit us soon!

love LiuLi P35

Some friends have opposite views and interests, and some like the same things. What is your opinion? Should friends be different or the same? We asked some people what they think and this is what they said.

I like to have friends who are like me. I am quieter than most of the kids in my class, and my best friend Yuan Li is quiet, too. There are some differences, though. I am smarter than Yuan Li. She is more athletic.

James Green

It's not necessary to be the same. I like to have friends who are different from me. My best friend Larry is taller and more outgoing than me. We both like sports, but Larry is more athletic than me. He always beats me in tennis. Also, I'm quieter than he is.

Huang Lei

I don't really care. My best friend is Carol. Carol is very funny, and more outgoing than I am. But we both like doing the same things. I don't think differences are important in a friendship. Mary smith

Unit 7 P43

A: How do you make fruit salad?

B: First cut up three bananas, three apples and a watermelon. Next put the fruit in a bowl. Then put in two teaspoons of cinnamon and a cup of yogurt. Finally mix it all up. P45

Super Cbicken Sandwicb

First, put the butter on a slice of bread.Then cut up an onion and a tomato . Add these to the bread.Next,put some lettuce and the chicken slice on the bread.Put the relish on the chicken.Finally,put another slice of bread on the top unit 8


Class 9 had a great time on the school trip.They went to blue water Aquarium for the day. First they visied the Visitors'center and watched a movie about sharks.Then they watched a dolphin show.After that,they went to the Outdoor pool and saw a big octopus. After lunch, they went to the Gift Shop and bought lots df gifts. finally,tured but happy,they took the bus back to school.At the end of the day,the scince teacher was very happy because the class monitor cleaned the bus after the trip P51

Dear Tom,

How was your day off?Did you have fun camping?I didn't have a fun day.I visited my

cousins.It rained all day.In the morning,I stayed in the house and watched DVDs,played computer games and read.In the afternoon,Uncle Martin put some of his old things out in the yard and had a yard sale!However ,no one came to the sale because the weather was so bad.Luckily ,we bought our umbrellas and raincoats ,so we didn't get wet.

See you soon Nick Unit 9 P55

You are never too young to start doing things.For example,Tiger Woods started golfing when he was only ten months old.Mozart started writing music when he was four years old.And Ronaldo,the great Brazilian soccer player,played for his national team when he was seventeen. P57

Li Yundi,a well-known Chinese pianist,always loved music.He was born in 1982 in

Chongqing.When he was a small boy,he could hum songs and difficult pieces of music.He began to learn the accordion at the age of four,and he started to learn the piano when he was seven.In October 2000,LiYundi took part in the 14th Chopin International Piano Competition in Poland.He won first prize in his group.He was also the first Chinese pianist in the 70-year history of the competition to win this prize.

Unit 10


July 1

My dream job

When I grow up,I'm going to do what I want to do.I'm going to move somewhere

inretsting.Paris sounds like a city that I could enjoy. There are lots of art exhibitions there.I want to be an artist.So how am I going to do it?Firstk,I'm going to find a part-time job fora year or two and save some money.Then I'm going to be a student at an art school in Pares.And I'm going to study French at the same time.Next,I'm goingtu hold art exhibitions because I wantto be a rich and buy a big house for my parents.I also want to travel all over the world.One day,I'm going tu retire somewhere quier and beautiful.


New Year’s Resolution Survey Results

We got over 1,000 letters, faxes, and e-mails from our readers about their New Year’s resolutions. Thank you! Many readers are going to work harder in school this year. Lots of readers are going to play sports. Some readers said they are going to eat more vegetables. A few readers said they are going to learn a new language. Some girls said they are going to exercise more to keep fit. Some parents are going to study the subjects their children learn at school. They want to communicate better with their kids. One old lady is going to leave her job and she wants to find a job as a language teacher in China .

Unit 11 P67

A:I hate to do chors .B:Well ,I hate some chores too,but I like other chores.A: Really? Do you like to do the laundry ? B:No ,I don’t,It’s boring. A:I agree,Do you lide to make your bed? B: NO, not really. But I like to do the dishes ,because it’s relaxing . And I like to make because I like to cook.. P69 Nancy,

Thanks for taking care of my dog. Could you please do these things every day? Take him for a walk.Give him water and feed him ,Don’t forget to clean his bed. Have fun! See you nexe week. Thanks, Thomas Unit 12


What do young people think about places in town? We did a survey of our readers and this is what we learned. All the movie theaters are good, but the Screen City is the best in our town. It has the biggest screens and the most comfortable seats. However, Town Cinema is the cheapest, and it has the friendliest service. The most popular clothing store is Jason’s. It has the best quality clothing. It’s also the cheapest. Funky Fashions is the worst. It has really bad service. As for radio stations, most people think that Jazz 107.9 FM is really great. It plays the most interesting music. P75

Last week’s talent show was a great success. There were fifteen acts.Eliza Clark won the prize for the prize for the best performer .She played a beautiful piano piece. Hu Yue was the quiestest act went to Steve Tian and his do ,Fido . They sang a cute song together.

八年级上册英语3A课文Unit 1 P3What Do Students Do at Green High School?Here are the results of the student activity survey at GreenHigh…

八年级上册英语3A课文Unit 1 P3What Do Students Do at Green High School?Here are the results of the student activity survey at GreenHigh…

八年级上册英语3A课文Unit 1 P3What Do Students Do at Green High School?Here are the results of the student activity survey at GreenHigh…