中考英语完成句子 投稿:萧礸礹

中考英语经典句涵盖高频词语、短语、句型、考点 说明:涵盖80个重点句型、305条习惯用语、常用词语、常用话题及写作为一体的经典句。 只要你学会了这300句,你就更容易考出好成绩。请同学们务必默会。 一、个人情况 1. 毕竟,这个孩子太小还不能上学。 …

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1. 毕竟,这个孩子太小还不能上学。

After all, the kid is young go to school.

2. 他来自中国。He China.

3. 我的梦想会实现的。

4. 她过去靠卖书为生。 on selling books.

6. 我家离学校不远。My home isn’t the school.

7. 我长大后想成为一名老师。I would like to .

8. 我每天都过得很愉快。I every day.

9. 我乐于和别人交朋友。I with others.

10. 我一点都不喜欢抽烟。I don’t like smoking .

11. 从今以后,我不但要更加努力学习还要尽力取得更好的成绩。

, I not only study but also get better grades.

12. 我们一做完饭就应该把火灭掉。

We should the fire as soon as we finish .

13. 我以前在电脑游戏上花费了很多时间以至于我在学习上失去了兴趣。

I used to spend so time computer games that I lost interest in study.


1. 明天我一到美国就给你打电话。

I will as soon as I 2. 我很高兴照顾我喜欢的人。I am glad to the people who I .

3. 在我回家的路上,我碰见了我的老朋友。

I came across home.

My parents go to bed every day.

5. 我恭喜你取得很大进步。I congratulate6. 我害怕与他相处不好。I am afraid to him.

7. 我和我的朋友们玩得很高兴。I with my friends.

8. 我很高兴收到你的来信。I am glad to 9. 我的父母总是叫我别嘲笑别人。

My parents always tell me not to others.

10. 她总是一见到我就做鬼脸。She always as soon as she sees me.

11. 他既不喜欢游泳也不喜欢跑步。He likes swimming .

12. 我过去常挨着他坐。I used to sit him.

13. 他学习不如我努力。He doesn’t study hard I.

4. 每天直到我回来,我父母才睡觉。

14. 当然,我们应该与别人和睦相处。

Of course, we should others.


1. 就我所知,北京因它悠久的历史和丰富的文化而闻名于世。

As far as I know, Beijing is its long history and rich culture.

2. 我们应该阻止人们砍伐树木。

We should people fromdown trees. We should do our best to stop animals from . 3. 我们应该尽力阻止动物灭绝。

4. 每天做扫除很必要。It’s to do some every day.

5. 总之,保护环境对我们来说很重要。

, it’s very important for us to protect the 6. 为什么不尽早拯救在危险中的动物呢?

Why not save the animal as early as possible?

7. 我认为回收废纸取代扔掉它更好。

I think it’s better to recycle waste paper throwing it away.

8. 我想要大家都加入到环境项目中来。

I would like everyone to 9. 我们应该不断关注我们的环境。

We should taking care of our environment.


1. 我妈妈昨天给我买了几本书。

a few books me yesterday.

2. 请你递给我一点儿水好吗?Could you please pass me water?

3. 他上周借给我许多书。He a of books to me last week.

4. 今天上午我们老师告诉过我们一则好消息。

Our teacher us a of good news this morning.

5. 老师一进来我们就停止说话了.

We stopped as soon as in.

6. 为什么不切断煤气呢?Why not7. 在日常生活中,我们不得不处理各种问题。

We have to all kinds of problems in our 8. 你要么呆在家里要么去上学。You go to school.

9. 如果你想出去,咱们去散步吧!Let’s go for a walk going out.

10. 我们老师请我们填表。Our teacher asked us tothe form.

11. 他有时带给我一些书。He brings me some books .

12. 赶快,否则我们会上学迟到。 for school.

13. 为了他能拍一些好照片,我借给他相机。

I lend him a camera he can take some good photos.

14. 我们最好别在公共场合大声聊天。

We had better stop talking.

15. 我刚才听见她唱歌了。I heard her sing .

16. 她太小而不能照顾她自己。She is too young to herself.

17. 我不再介意告诉我坏消息。I mind .


1. 我为我们的学校自豪。I am our school.

2. 我们的老师总是对我们很严格。Our teachers always 3. 每天乘公交车上学花费我一个小时。

It me hour to go to school by bus every day.

4. 为什么不提出一些赶上别人的好建议呢?

Why not come up with5. 即使天气很差,我们也必须尽力准时到学校。

We have to try our on time the weather is terrible.

6. 我们的老师经常告诉我们永远爱我们的祖国。

Our teacher often tells us to love .

7. 在你交试卷前,你最好检查一下。

You had better go over the paper.

8. 我们班由40个学生组成。 40 students.


1. 除了滑冰外,她还讨厌游泳。She hates swimming skating.

2. 我姐姐和我一样擅长唱歌。My sister as singing as I.

3. 我喜欢用水装满这个瓶子。I likethe bottle water.


1. 好的健康取决于好的食物、锻炼和足够的睡眠。

Good health good food, exercise and enough sleep.

2. 他很累以至于在课上睡着了。He was so tired that he in class.

3. 他一到那儿就病倒了。He as soon as he got there.


1. 首先,我们应该每天坚持做锻炼。

Above all 2. 运动是很有趣的以至于几百万人喜欢它。

The sport is so interesting that 九、语言学习

1. 我每天花许多时间学习数学。

I a lot of time in math every day. 2. 他坚持努力学习,结果他取得了很大进步。

He keeps studying hard, as a result, he has great 3. 只要你坚持努力学习,你会取得很大进步的。

you keep studying English hard, you will make great progress.

4. 我们老师叫我们把这些句子翻译成英语。

Our teacher told us to English.


My teacher often spends a lot of time me my English.

6. 实际上,我告诉过他怎样给别人发电子邮件。

, I told him how to send emails to others.


In order to come true, I have to keep studying hard.

8. 我期待取得好成绩。I look to good grades.

9. 我经常花许多时间在词典查单词。

I often spend lots of time in words in the dictionary.

10. 我们应该为考试做好准备。 We get ready for the test.


Our teacher told us to to the blackboard in class.

12. 到目前为止,我已坚持学习英语10年了。

I have kept studying English for ten years .

13. 这数学题很难,几乎没有学生能做出来。

The math problem was so hard that few students could it .


The you study, the you will learn.

The other day, I was busy the test.


Why not asking the teacher for help?

17.我通常一醒来就开始学习。I usually start to study as soon as I .


1. 春节期间全家人都乐于聚在一起。

The family enjoy

2. 为了阻止人们陷入危险,我们最好排队上车。

In order to stop people from being , we had better get on the bus in order.


1.我认为鲸不是一种鱼。I think that a whale is a of fish.


15.前几天,我忙于准备考试了。 the fact, I don’t think that you are right. 3. 这台电脑占据了太多空间。This computer too much space.

4. 建这座桥花了几千人几年时间。

It took people a few years to build the bridge.

5. 我试穿一下这件外套你介意吗?Would you mind my this coat?

6. 请你把收音机调低一点好吗?Will you please the radio?

7. 这本书过去属于我的。This book used tome.

8. 我上学迟到了因为公共汽车坏了。

I was late for school because the bus .

9. 昨晚发生了一场火灾。A fire last night.

10. 我的新书已出版了。My new book has .

11. 我妈妈喜欢把我跟别人比较。My mother likes me others.

12. 请你帮我查一下下趟列车何时出发好吗?

Would you please help me when the next train starts? You had better not your coat after you I will the book to the library as as possible. 13. 下车后你最好别脱外套。 14. 我会尽快把书还给图书馆。

15. 她宁死不屈。She die than give in.

16. 别放弃你的希望。 Don’t your hope.

17. 我以前听说过他。I used to him.

18. 请随便吃些鱼。 some fish.

19. 刚才我听见有人敲门。 I heard someone the door just now.

20. 我刚才看见他在找东西。 I something just now.

21. 我们穿过森林时当心蛇。

for the snake when we the forest.

22. 我讨厌女人在公共场合化妆。 I hate seeing women make up .

23. 我帮她付了书钱。 I helped her to the book.

24. 我开车接他时,我见到一个箱子。 I picked up a box when I .

25. 他指向门向我示意上面的一幅画。

He the door to show me a picture on it. It’s very important to prevent fire from . 26. 防御火灾爆发是很重要的。

27. 你最好别推迟做作业。 You bad better not 28. 请你把这幅画贴在墙上好吗?

Could you please this picture on the wall? I like going to school stay at home. 29. 我喜欢上学而不愿呆在家里。

30. 每人提到昨天的事。 No one yesterday’s thing.

31. 我愿意把你当成我的朋友。 I would like to you my friend.

32. 我想要为你送行。 I would like to .

33. 美国过去发射过许多宇宙飞船。America used to many spaceships.

34. US代表美国。 the United States.

35. 北京有许多名胜古迹,比如长城、颐和园等等。

There are a lot of of in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and so on.

36. 昨天发生了一起交通事故。 A traffic accident 37. 每天玩电脑游戏占用许多时间。

Playing computer games a lot of time every day.

38. 我经常一出去就关上灯。 the light as soon as I go out.

39. 我习惯于晚饭后去散步。 I for a walk after supper.

40. 我很抱歉让你等了这么长时间。

I am sorry to keep you 41. 你最好记下地址。 You had better the address.

42. 很高兴收到你的来信。Nice to you.

43. 我期待你的好消息。 I’m to your good news.

中考英语经典句涵盖高频词语、短语、句型、考点 说明:涵盖80个重点句型、305条习惯用语、常用词语、常用话题及写作为一体的经典句。 只要你学会了这300句,你就更容易考出好成绩。请同学们务必默会。 一、个人情况 1. 毕竟,这个孩子太小还不能上学。 …

中考英语经典句涵盖高频词语、短语、句型、考点 说明:涵盖80个重点句型、305条习惯用语、常用词语、常用话题及写作为一体的经典句。 只要你学会了这300句,你就更容易考出好成绩。请同学们务必默会。 一、个人情况 1. 毕竟,这个孩子太小还不能上学。 …

中考英语经典句涵盖高频词语、短语、句型、考点 说明:涵盖80个重点句型、305条习惯用语、常用词语、常用话题及写作为一体的经典句。 只要你学会了这300句,你就更容易考出好成绩。请同学们务必默会。 一、个人情况 1. 毕竟,这个孩子太小还不能上学。 …