英语作文范文二选一型万能模版 投稿:侯憉憊

范文1:二选一型whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own; disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learn…

11学年度初三学生综合素质评价暨推荐、自荐实施方案1、分组测评1) 学生自评:自我评定。学生要体现诚信意识,对自己负责,对集体负责,客观评价自己; 2) 学生小组评:A. 学生逐个在班级大组中交流(大组人数每组不低于15人);B. 设立班级学生民主评…

简答题1. 简述邓小平理论形成和发展的基本过程答:邓小平理论的诞生是历史发展的必然,大体上经历了20年时间,三个发展阶段:(1)1978-1982年,从党的十一届三中全会召开前后到党的十二大,是邓小平理论的基本命题从酝酿到提出的阶段;(2)1982-…


whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own; disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learning.

The issue of whether we can learn more from people whose views we share than from those who disagree with us is complex and controversial. Different people hold different views due to their respective backgrounds and perspectives. On one hand, as is well-known and has often been advocated, people whose views accord with us may accelerate the proceeding of work; On the other hand, different views would make us think about an issue from a different perspective, which would make the work more comprehensive and complete. On the basis of my knowledge and to support my viewpoint.

First of all, the most important reason that can be presented to develop my

viewpoint is that absorption of different ideas can broaden one’s mind and horizon. Sometimes when we are dealing with some issues, we consider them only from one fixed angle, and neglect the other angles. This would make the issue lack of

comprehensive consideration, and only one single negligence may lead to the failure of the whole issue. People hold different views can broaden our narrow sights to see some parts that we didn’t see before. Consider the period when China is in seclusion at the end of Qing dynasty. At that time most chancellors hold the same viewpoint that China is the strongest country in the world, nothing is needed to be introduced from foreign countries, and the best policy for the country is to close the door of the nation. China had made nearly no progress during that period until some patriots bring some advanced ideas from foreign country and lead several reforms to change the situation. If there was no different views appeared, and people in power hold that idea forever, maybe China is still stay at that point, and didn’t walk forward a little. For that matter, perhaps even worse that China has becomes the colony of other advanced countries, and the nation does not exist any longer. Under such circumstance, it’s obvious that different views can change the conservative ideas and provide a chance of broadening the spectrum and rich the knowledge of people.

In addition, another reason for me to hold this viewpoint is that contradicting views can help improve our understanding and communication. To illustrate, a case in point in this respect is that in different countries, there are different cultures, only through accepting different thoughts can we know the way of life easily and promote the relationship with other countries.If we always close our mind, and are not willing to accept the views contradict with us, we can never understand new things. Consider people live in the inland area, they wouldn’t realize what the influence that global warming has brought to them until they communicate with those who are affected greatly by the arising of sea level caused by global warming. Only through accepting different ideas can people understand each other better.

I concede that sometimes contradict views would inhibit the proceeding of work, and people sharing the same views work more efficiently together and may have more pleasure. But that doesn’t mean we can learn more from these people, let alone can we do a better job.

Consequently, I think the viewpoint that we learn much more from people who disagree with us is reasonable, as it can broaden our spectrum, rich our knowledge, and promote the communication with others. After discussing the reason from so many aspects, can’t you believe the point that we learn more from contradict viewpoints is correct?

范文2: GREIssue1范文:意见分歧阻碍学习


[GRE Issue Topic 1]

We can usually learn much more from people whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own. disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learning. 翻译:我们通常从和我们意见统一的人那里学到的东西比从和我们意见相左的人那里学到的东西多得多;意见分歧阻碍了我们学习。


1、态度: 混合评价:我们既能从意见相同的人那里学到知识,也能从意见相左的人学到。


A. Sharing our views gives one more confidence and full communication.

B. Sharing our views make us find psychological friends who can share the joy from success and the sadness from frustration.

C. Without dissenter, we have more chance of making wrong decisions.

D. Without dissenter, we can not keep a balance in psychological emotion.


When we retrospect(回顾) how our knowledge and thoughts have come into being, we will easily find that, besides those we have learned from schools, we are always

imitating and learning from other’s, who are mainly parents, friends and those we respect rather than those we hate, disgust or comtempt. It’s always easy for us to learn much more from those whose views we share than from those whose views contradict ours. On the one hand, disagreement always arouse stress and enimity. When two persons or two groups cannot achieve agreement on some subject, what succeed is always a hot dispute. The two parts stick to their own point of view and trying vainly to convince the other that they are totally wrong. However, the two parts are always putting to much emphasis on defeat the other, while having no time or no will to staidly analysis the other’s point of view and to learn from it.

On the other hand, when we share views with someone, we are always satisfied and enlightened. So we are ready to listen to others carefully. When we find our views have some subtle differences compared with others, we are likely to think over it: Am I right? Why there are differences? How did the other’s view come into being? Or am I not

open-minded enough to accept new ideas? Such kind of comparison and introspect help us to correct our thoughts and thus help us in learning to be more mature and wise.

However, if we only learn from those whose views are shared by us, we are in dangere deviated from ours. Such kind of self-confident tampers our progress in studying rather than help us. People are always thinking they themselves are the most correct while others are more or less wrong if the views are not congruent. But if we can rationally analysis those views which are faraway from ours, we have the chance to explore a totally new world filled with inspiring thoughts. What is important is not whether those different views are right or wrong, it is crucial how others achieve such kind of views. By meditating on these, we may open new ways to our minds and thus become more open-minded and fair.


在下的第一篇issue,东拼西凑出来的,希望版上的游侠们给看哈,狠狠的拍狠狠地砍, 让偶认识到当前杀鸡刻不容缓的严峻局势。嗯哪,4


ISSUE 1:We can usually learn much more from people whose views we share than from those whose views contradict our own; disagreement can

cause stress and inhibit learning.

Can we really learn much more from people who share ideas with us than from those whose views contradict ours? It is helpful, in considering this problem, to image a society in which all people speak in just a tone. In my opinion, we can benefit more from different views than the same ones in the

process of learning.

Admittedly, in an environment where every one shares the same idea people usually find themselves more comfortable and confident about what they think and what they do. Further more, everything seems easy because one just need follow the steps or advices that have been provided before. However, people who just like to hear the same voice may suffer to lose something important. For example, those people who are consistently

committed to the idea that it is better to watch video and photos of some place other than to travel because it is a waste of time and money would hardly find the pleasure of travel. Actually, contradict views can help us a lot, either by enabling us to see flaws of our opinion or to consider from

different aspect.

Contradict views, in a direct way, can reveal the disadvantages and flaws of a conclusion. Nowadays, a lot of company and universities have particular traditions named “tea break” during work time, which provide opportunities for the managers or professors to discuss and debate on all kinds of issues together. One famous example is that the unwritten law of Cambridge University, “Come on, taste the free afternoon tea!” which is considered as one of the most important reasons that Cambridge University’s success in fostering more than 60 Nobel winners. It seems somewhat unconvincing, some people may hold the idea that it is the hard work and excellent gift that give birth to the Nobel Prize but not “afternoon tea”, but if one seriously thinks over he will found the inherent connection between the two

seemingly irrelevant things.

In my view, it is just the collision of different bright ideas during the “afternoon tea” that generate the flamboyance achievements which scientist all around the world dream of. Just as I said, different views can provide us at least two very important elements that are absolutely necessary for success: flaws of our standpoint and alternative perspectives to problems, both of which can not be heard if we are surrounded by same ideas and even praises. While flaws may undermine our effort for success, any people who consider problems just in one method would go into a blind alley. For supporting examples, no one can deny the reality that a peacock which has the deadly flaw can never fly with an admirable beautiful tail but a pair of weak wings; at the same time, no one can deny the viewpoint that if one can not consider failure as the mother of success he will never get rid of the

black shadow of failure.

To sum up, when we beginning to learn something new, in other words, we are new comers to a special field, we can learn more fast and effective from people who share the same ideas with us. Otherwise, we can benefit far more from different ideas. Accordingly, the speaker’s claim may suffer from

an unneglectable problem.

范文1:二选一型whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own; disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learn…

范文1:二选一型whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own; disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learn…

范文1:二选一型whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own; disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learn…